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“I love my grandchildren so much that I wish I had them before my children” is a line that says a lot about the passion and zest Mekhala Kar has for life. People know her as beautiful, gracious and most kind-hearted, with a strong mind of her own.


The dictionary defines communication as: the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium. It is something that begins with our 1st breath in this world, when we have no idea about science or definitions. And it remains something that we take with us till our last. What a wonderful gift to be blessed with!

From the 1st cry as an infant, and as we go along, the ways we communicate change. We get better at expressing our thoughts and feelings. But it continues to be one of the most important skills that we are born with, that we can nurture and take forward.
I have always known that one can consciously get better at it. But in my 74 years, I know for a fact that it is also a tool that one must work on to get better. It is a process which always has scope for improvement – like everything else in our lives.

Communication today, I am told, is very advanced, and is used all the time from the palm of one’s hand. Besides being able to make calls from a mobile phone with big buttons, I myself am completely unfamiliar with the gadgets of today. So, while my thoughts might be outdated on technology, I still believe that certain aspects of communication haven’t changed at all.

The beauty of communication is that it is not restricted to words alone. Music, which came to me from my mother, and reading, which I imbibed from my father, have taught me that there are so many ways to communicate than just speaking or writing.

It appears that the science of communication has progressed on this front too. People can communicate with each other in seconds now, with words, music and even videos.

But this doesn’t take away the basic importance of the ways to communicate, which are not options that technology has to offer, but consideration kept in mind while communicating with others.

This is an art by itself. It should always be positive to gain understanding of views, because you can make or break relationships depending on communication. Words are powerful and should be motivating, inspirational and genuine.

Communication skills are essential in every moment of our lives. Reaching out with a positive outlook and respect is even more important. Getting better at it, is a continuous process and for this I would like to share Swami Vivekananda wise words which are relevant here, “Awake. Arise. And stop not till the goal is reached!”


By Mekhala Kar


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