Varanasi Musings

Chirodeep Chaudhuri is the author of the critically feted book ‘A Village In Bengal: Photographs and an Essay”, a result of his 13-year long engagement with his ancestral village in West Bengal and his family’s nearly two century old tradition of the Durga Puja. He was heading the Design and Photography departments of the international

What do we live for? – Reena Chattarji

Reena Chattarji is a trained teacher with years of experience. Her hobbies include painting, writing and baking.   I don’t know when it was born, but today was the day it died. A tree – one I saw every day, morning, noon and night. One that grew up little by little before my eyes. So

Living in the ‘liminal’ space – Smriti Goel

The author is an Executive Coach and a passionate Learning and Development professional with international experience across Africa, Middle-east and Asia. She has worked extensively with senior leaders to help them arrive at their destination of creating influence, impacting culture, and executing strategy. Smriti Goel is passionate about making a difference to the women community.

Interview Tips – Nazuk Kumar

Nazuk Kumar from Chandigarh, ranked 58 in Civil Services Examination 2015. Allotted to the IAS, with AGMUT cadre and  scored 209/275 in the interview, which was the highest marks given in 2015.       I feel that the interview phase of the selection process is the haziest and most of us have many unanswered questions. Not much guidance and

English Vinglish – Radha Roy Biswas

Radha Roy Biswas is a public policy researcher by training, specializing in higher education, workforce skills and regional development studies. After acquiring her Master’s Degree in Economic Development studies from the University of Massachusetts, she worked at think tanks in Boston, USA, and has a range of published academic papers and reports to her credit. After nearly 15 years

Communicating……. – Mekhala Kar

“I love my grandchildren so much that I wish I had them before my children” is a line that says a lot about the passion and zest Mekhala Kar has for life. People know her as beautiful, gracious and most kind-hearted, with a strong mind of her own.   The dictionary defines communication as: the

Just off the field – Sharda Ugra

Sharda Ugra, a sports journalist for over 25 years, is senior editor with ESPNcricinfo, the world’s biggest independent single-sport website and, ESPN’s new multisport website which focuses on sports Indians’ play, watch and follow. She contributes to academic and popular publications and websites around the world, has won awards for sports writing and worked