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Maatraa’s Functional English Communication Skills programme looks after all aspects of communication – listening, speaking, reading and writing. Our assignments adequately cover all these skills.

You are given 2 chances to pause the course as per your convenience

We recommend you take full advantage of this and plan your activities instead of quitting the course completely.

However, if you do drop out or quit before the last MCQ, you will not get your certificate and there will be no refunds as per refund policy.

All the Maatraa Lecture Videos and Maatraa Power Minutes Videos are hosted on YouTube. The videos are brief and focussed. You can watch them when you have a strong connection or Wi-Fi.

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Since this is an English communication skills training programme, designed to improve your reading, writing, speaking and comprehension skills, the course is in English to help you get more familiar with the language in the way it should be used.
You can access the course on your browser on your smartphone or tablet computer. To get the full experience of effective learning, we recommend using a desktop or a laptop.
Yes, you can sign up again for the same course, at a discounted rate applicable at that time.

You can take a break twice during the course, for a maximum of 7 days, each time.

You will need to pause the course on your dashboard, and mention the number of days you want to take the break for.

On nearing the end of the break, you will receive an email reminder to resume the course.

You may extend the break again, either consecutively or after a gap.

However, if both breaks are used, a 3rd break will not be permitted.

We urge you to complete the course without any breaks to experience the marked difference in your communication levels.