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Hello and welcome to Maatraa. We are excited about your interest in joining us as a MaatraaMentor. (M2).



To become a MaatraaMentor you must have a good command over spoken and written English.

You must have an interest in language and qualities to guide our students in their journey with Maatraa.

A high sense of commitment to meet deadlines is very important. Your evaluations of submitted assignments and related queries will be offline and must be addressed in defined time frames.

Please fill up the registration form with all the details. If you qualify, we will get back to you for an appointment via Skype to take the opportunity further.

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Mentor FAQs

A mentor will have to give a minimum time commitment of 10 weeks at a stretch. This does not include two weeks of self-paced training that a mentor will have to undergo before being assigned students. An average of 30 minutes per student per week is required to mentor and provide feedback.

Yes, a comprehensive, well-structured self-paced training programme will be made available to you on recruitment.
Though in terms of time commitment you may be able to take on more students, you can begin with 10 students. Once you have established your credentials in mentoring our students, the number of student assigned can be increased.
Depending on your competence, you will be suitably compensated for your time and effort. The committed and diligent MaatraaMentors have tremendous scope for escalation in remuneration and growth in responsibility.
You will have to inform Admin as soon as you know that you might miss a deadline, for alternate arrangements to be made.
Yes. There will be deductions for missed assignment evaluation.